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Mass Casualty Threat System
Screen and Flow™


Now and for the future.

Screen and Flow™ is an Unattended Threat Detection and Deterrent System™ providing realtime notifications when Weapons of Mass Destruction enter the building without impeding the flow of ingress traffic or overburdening staff.

The Problem.

Traditional Metal Detectors are just as their name suggests; a device that detects the presence of metal. These systems are designed to pick up items such as firearms, knives, laptops, tablets, phones, belt buckles, even paperclips. Any metal object will raise an alarm.

These systems rely on human intervention to monitor their alarm status. This requires staff to be physically present at a security checkpoint, stopping the ingress traffic until each student has been cleared.

The Solution..

Extremely High-Throughput Walk-Through System, for mass casualty screening people with bags in mass-transit applications.

Entry Shield Screen and Flow™ integrates seamlessly with next-generation object detection and identification sensors which have the ability to discriminate between items of interest and common items, drastically reducing false positives alarms typical of legacy systems that rely solely on detecting the presence of metal.

Entry Shield’s Screen and Flow™ staff is immediately notified of new events by the Entry Shield® App, drastically reducing the effort required to prevent mass-casualty by screening only the necessary potential threats.

Different than ferromagnetic detection devices (FMDS), higher performances as it detects both ferrous and non-ferrous mass casualty weapons with near-zero nuisance alarm rate, discriminating cellphones, tablet, laptop PC and other large metallic personal belongings.