ENTRY SHIELD’S access control technology and systems components have been solving security problems in pharmaceutical, government, retail, financial, and corporate industries through a number of global brands for 50 years.

With a growing need for focus on educational institutions, ENTRY SHIELD is launching a new initiative to make this entrance controlling technology affordably available where it is needed most – our schools. Schools have their own unique challenges when it comes to protecting students and faculty. Our system is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing security measures, be robust yet unobtrusive, and be budget conscious, to address many of the common concerns that educators face.

Contact us to discuss your security questions, find out about financing, or to learn about new, unique solutions to your entrance safety concerns. 

Our Mission

The mission of ENTRY SHIELD is to partner with educators, government officials, law enforcement, and community members to secure school buildings and community workplaces so all children and adults feel safe. Period.

Through this collaboration, we provide the most comprehensive and advanced security entry systems on the market. We understand your security needs and have the expertise to assess risk and implement the appropriate solutions.

Working together, we can protect students, employees, and facilities, NOW and for the future.