Systems Overview

We customize every Entry Shield installation with the specific system components you need to monitor, control, and secure your buildings and facilities. 

Schools and other spaces serving the community have their own unique challenges when it comes to protecting those on their premises. Our system is designed to be robust yet unobtrusive — and budget conscious—to address the common concerns that educators and venue owners face.

See below for descriptions of our primary system features, and contact us to discuss your unique needs, and find the right products and systems for your situation and budget. Financing options coming soon.

Weapons Detection

Our system combines state-of-the-art technology, mass notification, and unnoticeable detection units to allow authorized technology to pass unhindered, but instantly notifies you of unauthorized weapons.

Your students, staff, and visitors can enter the building efficiently, without any obstruction to the free flow of traffic.

Screen and Flow™

The most important thing about a security system being placed in schools is that the overall flow of arriving to school isn’t disrupted. What is great about ENTRY SHIELD is that all students entering the building will be quickly scanned, and anything metal (like a gun or knife) will be quickly detected within seconds upon walking through the system. This ensures that the flow of students entering the building will not be interrupted.

Traffic Flow Panels™

Traffic Flow Panels™ direct traffic through the Screen and Flow™ system. Each Flow Cell™ provides coverage for two standard width doors sharing one 40” wide LFA™ sensor. Flow Panels™ are ADA compliant, extending the LFA™ sensor 48” from the doors.

DETECTION TARGET: high caliber assault weapons and other large mass casualties metallic threats

OPERATIONAL USE: extremely high throughput with near zero nuisance alarms, provides automatic screening of non divested people along with their carry-on items

APPLICATION FIELDS: schools, cinemas, theaters, stadiums, amusement parks, metro stations, train stations, airports